I am a research scientist who designs data-driven techniques for visual understanding at ONERA/DTIS, the French aerospace research centre.

My work is at the crossroads of statistics, machine learning, image processing and computer vision. I am interested in tackling practical problems that arise in multimedia, remote sensing and robotics.

Besides that, I teach Machine Learning and Computer Vision at Institut d’Optique Graduate School (Univ. Paris Saclay) and ENSTA ParisTech (Institut Polytechnique de Paris). I also serve as Chair of the IEEE GRSS Image Analysis and Data Fusion Technical Committee.


  • [March. 19] On March 4th and 5th, I will be in Barcelona to participate to the EuroSDR seminar for the course on Deep Learning for Remote Sensing I will give with Sébastien Lefèvre and Loïc Landrieu.
  • [Feb. 19] On Feb. 8th, I’ll give a talk about “deep learning for scene perception and understanding” for ONERA’s scientific high council.
  • [Jan. 19] We at IADF launched the 2019 Data Fusion Contest, co-organized with Johns Hopkins University! It deals with Large-Scale Semantic 3D Reconstruction and aims to reconstruct both a 3D geometric model and a segmentation of semantic classes for urban scenes. It is cast as a 4-track competition: single-view semantic 3D, pairwise semantic stereo, mutli-view semantic stereo and 3D point-cloud classification.
  • [Jan. 19] I co-organize the 3rd Earth Vision workshop which is dedicated to large-scale computer vision for remote sensing imagery. It will be held in conjunction with CVPR’19 in June, at Long Beach, Cal., USA. Full paper submission deadline is on March, 7.
  • [Jan. 19] Javiera Castillo Navarro joined the lab as PhD student. She will work on Large-scale semi-supervised semantic segmentation and is co-advised with Alexandre Boulch and Sebastien Lefèvre. Her PhD is co-funded by ONERA and CNES.
  • [Nov. 18] Former PhD student Joris Guerry got the PhD Award in “Complex Systems Engineering” from the doctoral school Interfaces. Congrats!