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Manish Gupta: Spectral processing with Quantum Neural Networks [2022 - 2023]
Post-doc co-supervised with Piotr Gawron at Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomical CEnter of Polish Academy of Sciences and ESA/Φ-lab

PhD Students

Amer Delilbasic: Hybrid Quantum-Classical Processing [exp. 2025]
PhD University of Iceland co-supervised with Gabriele Cavallaro and Kristel Michielsen at Julich Supercomputer Centre (Forschungszentrum Jülich) and ESA/Φ-lab

Su-Yeon Chang: Quantum Generative Neural Networks for Image Analysis [exp. 2024]
PhD EPFL co-supervised with Sofia Vallecorsa at EPFL/LTPN, CERN/Open Lab and ESA/Φ-lab

Christel Chappuis: An AI assistant to visual query and answering for EO data [exp. 2024]
PhD EPFL co-supervised with Devis Tuia and Sylvain Lobry at EPFL/ECEO and ESA/Φ-lab

Rémy Leroy: Deep neural networks for 3D point cloud prediction from a single image [exp. fall 2022]
PhD Univ. Paris-Saclay co-supervised with Frédéric Champagnat and Pauline Trouvé-Peloux (ONERA), funded by ONERA.

Undergrad / MSc. Students

Juan Francesco Amieva and Alessandro Austoni: Change detection in hyperspectral data [2022]
MSc from Politecnico di Milano co-supervised with Federico Serva and Maria Antonia Brovelli ( PoliMi/GeoLab )

Stephen Moran: Physical-based machine learning for weather forecast [2022]
MSc from TU Berlin co-supervised with Federico Serva and Begüm Demir ( TU Berlin/RSIM group )

Past Post-Doc

Clément Rambour: Multi-temporal analysis of SAR and optical data [2019 - 2020]
Post-doc between CNAM-ParisTech and ONERA co-supervised with Élise Koeniguer, Nicolas Audebert, Michel Crucianu and Mihai Datcu. Now Assoc. Prof. at CNAM-ParisTech.

Past PhD Students

Gaston Lenczner: Interactive learning in aerial image interpretation [PhD 09/2022]
PhD Univ. Paris-Saclay co-supervised with Guy Le Besnerais, Adrien Chan-Hon-Tong (ONERA) and Nicola Luminari (Delair/Alteia), funded by Delair/Alteia. Best Student Paper Award at ECML-PKDD/ MACLEAN 2020. Now full-time climber / alpinist.

Javiera Castillo Navarro: Large-scale semi-supervised semantic segmentation [PhD 03/2022]
PhD Univ. Bretagne Sud co-supervised with Alexandre Boulch and Sebastien Lefèvre, co-funded by ONERA and CNES. Now post-doc fellow at EPFL/ECEO

Rodrigo Caye Daudt: Convolutional Neural Networks for Change Analysis in Earth Observation Images with Noisy Labels and Domain Shifts [PhD 11/2020]
PhD Inst. Polytechnique Paris co-supervised with Alexandre Boulch from ONERA and Yann Gousseau from LTCI/Télécoms ParisTech. Best Student Paper Award at CVPR/Earth Vision 19. Now post-doc fellow at ETHZ/EcoVision group

Marcela Carvalho: 3D Camera by Depth from Defocus and Deep Learning [PhD 11/2019]
PhD co-supervised with Pauline Trouvé-Peloux and Frédéric Champagnat from ONERA and Andrès Almansa from MAP5/Univ. Paris Descartes. Best Paper Award at RFIAP 18. Now Head of AI at upciti.

Nicolas Audebert: Classification of Big Remote Sensing Data [PhD 10/2018]
PhD co-supervised with Sebastien Lefèvre from IRISA/Univ Bretagne Sud. 2nd Best Student Award at JURSE 17 and Award for Best contribution to the ISPRS 2D Semantic Labeling Contest. Now Assoc. Prof. at CNAM-ParisTech.

Joris Guerry: Robust visual recognition by neural networks in robotic exploration scenarios. Detect me if you can! [PhD 11/2017]
PhD co-supervised with David Filliat from ENSTA ParisTech. PhD Award in “Complex Systems Engineering” from the doctoral school Interfaces. Now CTO at Rumble Studio.

Hicham Randrianarivo: Statistical learning of semantic classes for aerial image interpretation [PhD 12/2016]
PhD co-supervised with Marin Ferecatu and Michel Crucianu from CNAM ParisTech. Data Fusion Contest 2nd rank Award! Now research engineer at Qwant.

Past Undergrad / MSc. Students

Apolline Horn: Virtual Reality and Digital Communication [2022]
BSc from King’s College London

Sébastien Malherbe: Physical-based machine learning for cyclone track prediction [2022]
MSc from ENS Paris

Daniela Zaidenberg: Quantum Neural Nets for Earth Observation Classification [2021]
BSc from MIT co-supervised with Alessandro Sebastianelli and Silvia Ullo (Uni. Sannio)

Rémy Leroy: Deep neural networks for 3D point cloud prediction from a single image [2019]
M.Eng. from IMT Atlantique in 2019 co-supervised with Marcela Carvalho, now PhD student.

Javiera Castillo Navarro: Large-scale semi-supervised semantic segmentation [2018]
MSc. from Ecole Polytechnique / Master Data Science in 2018 co-supervised with Alexandre Boulch, Nicolas Audebert and Sebastien Lefèvre, now PhD student.

Adrien Lagrange: Classification for Big Remote Sensing Data [2015]
MSc. / M.Eng from ENSTA ParisTech, then PhD student at IRIT, now research engineer at Agenium Space. Data Fusion Contest 2nd rank Award!

Thierry Dumas: Depth from defocus and learning [2014]
MSc. / M.Eng from Centrale Marseille co-supervised with Pauline Trouvé, then PhD student at IRISA/Sirocco, now researcher at InterDigital (ex-Technicolor)

Morgane Rivière: Domain adaptation for object recognition in aerial imagery [2013]
M.Eng from École Polytechnique, now researcher at Facebook AI Research

Roman Garcia: Tracking and recognition in videos from camera networks [2012]
M.Eng from CPE Lyon co-supervised with Valerie Leung

Nicolas Chauffert: Active learning of regions-of-interest in satellite images [2011]
M.Eng from École Polytechnique in 2011, then PhD student at NeuroSpin / INRIA Parietal team, now mathematics professor.

Caroline Henry: Vehicle detection for UAV vision systems [2011]
M.Eng from ENS2M.

Fabien Giannesini: GPU-based anomaly detection for large image browsing [2011]
M.Eng from ENSEA.