Uni, Institut d'Optique Graduate School, 2018

(with François Goudail, Stéphane Herbin, Alexandre Boulch.).

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2019 Material:

Colab notebook can be saved in you own environment using the “Copy to drive” item in the “File” menu.

SHIntroduction to Machine Learningcourse #1
SHSupport Vector Machinescourse #2
BLSDecision trees, random forests and boostingCourse #3ipynb / colab / smile ref data for Olivetti faces / ipynb results / colab results
ABNeural Networkscourse #4
BLSDimensionality reduction and clusteringCourse #5ipynb / colab / colab results
ABDeep LearningCourse #6
SHExammini-project starts
SHRegressionCourse #8mini-project
BLSGenerative Networks and Auto-encodersCourse #9mini-project: data-loaders available
ABRecurrent Neural NetworksCourse #10mini-project ends